The future of inland navigation

The optimization of cargo transport using small inland waterways by introducing a new navigational concept

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What is watertruck+ ?

What is watertruck+ ?

Watertruck+ is a European project that aims at the gradual introduction of an innovative concept for the transport of goods on small waterways (CEMT I-IV) that can unlock the economic potential of a region through the use of small, self-propelled or unpropelled, standardised barges. Combined with large or small environmentally friendly push boats, used for pushing the convoys, the concept ensures maximum flexibility of operations while maintaining maximum regional coverage by connecting small inland waterways with the TEN-T network.

The Watertruck+ project aims to achieve a solution that is complementary to the existing inland waterways activities and that is an answer to the ever-diminishing fleet.

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24 Sep 2018

Watertruck hits te water

Today, project manager Johan Boonen witnessed how 2 push barges, WATERTRUCK VII and VIII, hit the water in Groningen. Watch […]

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11 Sep 2018

Publication tender delivery push barges

As of today, the tender for awarding a contract to deliver push barges within Call III within the Watertruck+ project, […]

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